Moving To A New Place? Four Tips To Make It Easier

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In 2023, I found myself needing a change of scenery and a fresh start in a new place. Although I loved the life I had created for myself, I was growing tired of living in a busy area. I was craving a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. One that allowed me to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like going to the beach every weekend.

I had always loved warm weather. I was tired of spending so much time and money traveling to chase the sun. Living where I could soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the cold and snow was my biggest dream. After much contemplation, I decided that moving to the South was the best thing for me.

The idea of living near the beach seemed perfect to me. I could imagine myself driving to the beach every morning to walk my dog before getting ready to work. I envisioned myself spending my weekends lounging on the sand, swimming in the ocean, and exploring the nearby coastal towns. The thought of being able to enjoy my favorite activities without having to travel long distances was exciting.

Leaving behind my friends and family was going the most difficult part of the move. I had spent five years living with my two best friends. Who would want to give that up? But I was also excited to start my new life in the warm and sunny city of Charleston, South Carolina. The idea of living in a completely different state and starting from scratch was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

I knew that moving to Charleston was the right decision, but it didn’t make the process any easier. I had to leave behind everything and everyone I’d ever known and venture out into the unknown. However, I was determined to make the most of it and embrace all the new opportunities that lay ahead of me.

I wanted to make the move as smooth as possible. To do that, I decided to sell all of my possessions and start fresh. This meant getting rid of everything from my furniture to my clothes to my kitchenware. It was liberating in a way, to let go of all the things that had once held so much meaning to me.

One of the challenges I faced was that I wouldn’t have time to explore the city before my move. I signed my apartment lease sight unseen, which was a bit of a risk. But I had done a lot of research online and used Reddit to ask questions about which areas and apartment complexes to avoid.

Moving can be a daunting task, especially when you have to leave most of your belongings behind. With less than a month until my move day, I knew I had to be smart about what I kept. I was only going to drive my Toyota Rav4 and take what I could with me, including my dog, Atlas.

Out With The Old

As I looked around my apartment, I realized that I had accumulated a lot of unnecessary items over the years. Clothes that I hadn’t worn in ages, books that I had already read, and knick-knacks that held no sentimental value. It was time to let go of these things and only keep what was essential.

To start with, I went through my closet and separated the clothes that I actually wore from those that I didn’t. It was a difficult process, and I had to go through my closet multiple times until I got rid of enough items so that what I kept would fit into four vacuum seal bags. I donated the rest to a local thrift store.

Next, I tackled my bookshelf. I saw no reason to haul books that I had already read across the country. There were some books that I absolutely loved! But I knew I had to get rid of them to make my move easier. However, I eventually decided to donate them to the library.

Finally, I turned my attention to my kitchen appliances and dishware. It was not an easy task, as I had accumulated a lot of items over the years. I went through each appliance and dish, deciding which ones I actually used and which were just taking up space. In the end, I donated some items to a local charity and sold others online.

Overall, it was a challenging process, but it was worth it. My apartment feels more spacious, and I feel lighter and more organized. It’s amazing how much clutter we can accumulate over time without even realizing it.

As I started decluttering my living space, I gradually began to realize how freeing and liberating it was to let go of things that I no longer needed. It was like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I felt lighter and more at ease. I was able to part with items that had sentimental or emotional value, such as items from past relationships or from a time in my life when circumstances were different.

Going through this process of decluttering and letting go, I came to the realization that I no longer wanted to be someone who collected and held onto material possessions. I wanted to focus on what truly mattered and let go of the excess that was weighing me down. I made a promise to myself to live a minimalist lifestyle, which lasted for about a month, but even so, it felt amazing to have more space and less stuff cluttering up my apartment.

Moving 1,000 miles from home was challenging, but here are four things I did to make my move easier!​

  1. Facebook Marketplace: I sold 95% of my belongings on Facebook Marketplace. Luckily, I worked remotely and could meet people for pick-up throughout the day. I was selling multiple items daily, which required a lot of energy. However, it was worth it to have extra cash to purchase things I would need in my new place.
  2. Car Roof Topper: I purchased this car topper from Amazon, which created so much room! I stored all my clothing and bedding in this by buying large vacuum seal bags. Personally, I didn’t want to put anything on the roof off my car that was at risk for breaking if something did go wrong. But thankfully, I had zero issues! I also purchased a small lock for it because I was going to be staying at a hotel overnight during my drive.
  3. Task Rabbit: If you haven’t heard of the app, you should download it immediately! It’s an excellent platform for finding people to hire for short-term projects. I had a great experience using it. I hired someone through Task Rabbit to help me unload my car, which was packed full of stuff and would have taken me forever to unload alone. Thanks to Task Rabbit, it took less than an hour. I also hired someone to mount my TV through the app, and they did a fantastic job!
  4. Buy Ahead of Time: Thanks to their easy and convenient services, I relied on Amazon for all my moving needs. I made a list of everything I needed and shopped for it on Amazon, which made the process hassle-free. Their quick shipping allowed me to plan ahead and receive everything I needed on the day of my arrival in South Carolina, avoiding the need to go out shopping after a long two-day journey from Wisconsin.


Even though I generally had a pretty easy move, Here are two things I would do-over

  1. Check the weather: I know it may seem like something you wouldn’t forget to do, but I was so busy that I didn’t bother to check the weather until the morning of my departure. Fortunately, the weather was great on that day, but had I left the following day, I would have experienced rain almost the entire trip.
  2. Candles and essential oils: I enjoy burning candles and running my diffuser, but I didn’t consider this when packing for my move. It seems that new apartments always have an unusual smell, and I wish I had ordered candles with my many Amazon deliveries.

In With the New

Moving to a new place makes me feel incredibly lucky with how smoothly everything went. From finding the perfect apartment to packing up my belongings and transporting them to the new place, everything seemed to fall into place with ease. I didn’t encounter any major issues or obstacles along the way, which is a rare and fortunate experience when it comes to moving.

As I settled into my new home, I couldn’t help but reflect on how many people have had the opposite experience. Moving can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, and it’s not uncommon to encounter a variety of challenges along the way. From difficulties finding a suitable place to live to dealing with unexpected issues during the move itself, there are countless factors that can make the process much more complicated than it needs to be.

At the end of the day, it’s all about preparation. I was constantly thinking and planning on how I could make my move easier on myself, because leaving home was already going to be hard enough.

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