Fashion That Cares: The Best Sustainable Brands for Conscious Consumers

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If you’re like me, you are always wanting new clothes. That being said, I often find myself in a place where I’m trying to justify the need for more clothes when there are already so many in my closet. However, I found that when I buy clothes from sustainable brands, I feel so much better about it. (That’s why I love Goodwill so much, but we will save that for another post).

But, as we know. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. So you might as well have the money you spend going to brands that pretend to give a shit.

Here are 10 sustainable fashion brands that you should consider supporting

1. Patagonia has gained recognition for its outdoor clothing and gear and its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by using recycled materials and maintaining fair labor practices. Additionally, the brand donates 1% of its sales to environmental non-profit organizations..

2. Fashion lovers prefer Reformation as it commits to sustainable practices by using eco-friendly materials and reducing water waste. Additionally, Reformation has launched a “Carbon is Canceled” initiative to offset their carbon emissions..

3. Everlane‘s approach to fashion is based on “radical transparency”. The company offers a vast range of sustainable products, including recycled cashmere and denim made from organic cotton.

4. Amour Vert uses eco-friendly materials and reduces waste to commit to sustainability. Additionally, they have planted over 300,000 trees so far by planting one for every t-shirt sold.

5. Stella McCartney upholds sustainable and ethical fashion practices by utilizing eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and eliminating the use of fur and leather in their products.

6. Eileen Fisher commits to sustainable practices, such as using organic cotton and reducing waste. Their “Renew” program enables customers to upcycle or recycle their old Eileen Fisher products.

7. People Tree practices fair trade and sustainability by utilizing organic cotton and collaborating with artisans in developing countries to create their products.

8. Veja prioritizes the use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and natural rubber. Moreover, they collaborate with small producers and cooperatives to develop their products.

9. Nudie Jeans prioritizes sustainability by utilizing organic cotton and minimizing water waste. The brand offers a “repair and reuse” initiative, allowing customers to bring in their old Nudie Jeans items for repair or upcycling.euse” program where customers can bring in their old Nudie Jeans products to be repaired or upcycled.

10. Mara Hoffman prioritizes eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Additionally, they operate a “Take Back” program that enables customers to send in their old Mara Hoffman products for upcycling or recycling.

So, at the end of the day…

By choosing to support these sustainable fashion brands, you can play an active role in reducing the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. So, be mindful and make a conscious choice to opt for sustainable fashion brands the next time you’re out shopping. Your decision can make a significant positive impact on our planet and support fair trade practices.

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